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I'm not dead. Somehow. But I'm not here, either.
To be honest, I really don't have anything to post, haven't for a long while, but I keep my account up so anyone who passes by can still look at my stuff. I apologize for being gone from DA, though I really have no intention of fixing that, at least right now. I've been surviving off my RPs with my current partners on Skype (you know who you are, friends), and I haven't really been looking for new partners, for the most part. I apologize for those of you who may have asked about RPing with me or shown an interest in my posted prompts; I have turned down nearly all of you, if I got back to you at all. Those I haven't gotten back to, I am sorry and your message was probably buried among the thousands of notifications I practically never check.

I have long since lost much of my love for DA, I won't lie. When things were becoming quieter I began searching elsewhere for GT content and a more lively community. I can't say I've found one, but I do have a Tumblr (of which I have had a link to on my profile for a very long time) and I have a Skype, these two things keeping me sustained on a GT-content level and an internet-social level, to a point. I only really look at my DA anymore if I'm trying to get a hold of a past RP partner or a friend I haven't talked to in a while, and during my time on the site I do try a bit to clean out my inbox. I am sorry that I have nothing more to post for anyone who still bothers to follow me on here, my lack of writing and art has been a very large source of depression and anxiety for me. If I ever do manage to write again, or to draw something again, I will post it for you, but until then you will find my DA to have nothing new.

If you're interested in chatting with me you can add my Skype (Amenarae) or message me on Tumblr (if you have one). Just be sure to tell me your DA name when you message me so I don't ignore your message. I'm pretty much always around (but not always wanting to talk, just saying) so feel free to drop me message sometime. I do miss you all, even if I haven't come back...

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a Christian fantasy writer who likes G/T, toothy grins, Supernatural, and thrives on RPs. That is all you need to know about my person up front, the rest will become apparent in my writing, journals, pictures, and overall interests.

Oh, and I have a tendency to purr when I'm happy~ >u>

Tumblr Ask:

For anyone who wants to RP with me outside of one of my posted RP prompts, please paste these questions into a note with your answers:

1. What made you want to RP with me?
2. Have you read any of my writing?
3. If I say yes to an RP, do you have a request for me specifically using a certain one of my OCs?
4. Do you RP in paragraph format or are you willing to try if you don't?
5. Are you looking to RP Giant/Tiny, and if so, with/without non-fatal oral vore? (I do not RP GTS, same-size vore, or anything sexual.)
6. Please tell me what sort of story you were looking to RP. If you're not sure, just tell me what you're interested in and we can talk.


1. Please keep in mind that I am a grammar and spelling Nazi. If you find yourself incapable of fully spelling out the words in your reply, I will not waste my time. That may sound mean, but I have my reasons and one of them is that I can only enjoy an RP when my partner takes the time to make their reply legible and well thought out. I take this very seriously; half-baked replies will not be answered. (I will usually ask for some improvement in these areas before I drop it. You will be 'warned', so if you don't bother making any effort to improve, I will not say it again.)
2. I use paragraph format in all of my RPs; 'one-liners' will not be accepted. Neither will replies where the action is separated by * *, - -, or any other symbol. You must incorporate them into the rest of the writing.
3. Grammar. This is a big one for me, as well. If you do not put in your quotation marks, commas, periods, or other forms of grammar, I will give you a 'warning' and possible suggestions. If you do not make the effort to improve, I will drop the RP.
4. I DO NOT RP GTS. PERIOD. It has been ruined for me, and I can no longer truly enjoy it. If you want to RP GT, I would be interested in hearing from you.
5. If you're looking for anything sexual or fetish-y, I'm not the person you're looking for. Things such as: Stomping, crushing, any sort of body odor subjection, sadist/masochist behavior extremes, GT slavery/worship, and some other things. I WILL NOT RP THESE. (ORAL Vore--so long as it is non-fatal and non-gory--I do not consider a fetish.)
6. I do not RP guy-guy or girl-girl relationships. I have nothing against people who are this way or like to RP this, I simply am not interested in such.
7. Also, please try to be logical in your actions. I make an effort to explain details and write out little actions, so I expect my partner to try to do so as well. I don't want to see your character pulling something huge out of a tiny little pants pocket or thin air. Use common sense, people. If it's not possible in real life, then don't think it's okay in an RP. This does not, however, apply to racial capabilities of non-human characters.

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